Texas ranks 39th in a new survey when it comes to most educated states

When it comes to most educated states in the nation, Texas ranks 11th worst, according to a WalletHub study.

David Dillard with KD College Prep said three things come into play --a child's perspective on education is determined in early childhood educational development; personal responsibility is always required.

"No matter how many dollars are paid, no matter what technology's in the classroom, ultimately you got to be an engaged student in order to get the value," said Dillard.

He added all the public policy, as well as money, in the world won't matter if the parents aren't supportive of the importance of accountability and students taking their education seriously.

Texas parents need to work on.

"One is early is better when it comes to education. We also find that parents really do matter in this equation," said Dillard.

He would tell students--

"I would tell any student, 'you want to know the secret? The secret is taking personal responsibility for your own success'," said Dillard.

The study ranked Massachusetts best in education and Mississippi the worst.

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