No surprise here; most of the best jobs are tech jobs

A list of the fifty best jobs in America for 2020 finds most are in tech. But you don't necessarily need a fancy education background to make six figures.

Glassdoor's Amanda Stansell says the best jobs pay high and aren't drudgery.

"Most of the jobs on this list really strike a good balance between having a really good salary, lots of opportunities as well as having a really satisfying career."

Stansell says you probably won't have to move to Silicon Valley, either.

"A lot of the tech jobs are spreading out throughout different industries; you can find them in retail, finance, manufacturing, all over the place."

Stansell says the good news is, you don't need an Ivy League degree to make six figures.

"Some require just a bachelor's degree, some may not require undergraduate degrees; for some of these tech jobs if you go through a coding boot camp and you prove you have experience you may be able to get in the door that way."

Stansell says software engineer is the top job, with a median base salary of 105-grand. She says many high tech companies offer unusual perks to keep the office "fun."

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