Chick-fil-A lawsuit fighting for freedom of religion can move forward

A judge has ruled that Chick-fil-A can go on with its lawsuit against the city of San Antonio for not allowing it to open shop in the city's airport.

Texas Values Policy Advisor Mary Elizabeth Castle said Texas legislators passed the Chick-fil-A law which protects religious freedom and first amendment speech, including speech through donations.

"Christian business owners are protected. They're protected for donating to organizations that represent their religious beliefs," said Castle.

She said the right to sue is good victory at the moment.

"The government, whether it be city council or the state, can't take adverse action against any individual or corporation based on their support, donation or affiliation with a religious group," said Castle.

She said the next step is discovery and then go to trial to see if the fast food chain's freedom of religion was violated.

A Chick-fil-A logo is seen on a take out

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