President not taking Texas for granted, as Dems try to turn the state blue

For now, Texas is still a red state.

President Trump will be in Austin Sunday, his second in less than two months. This is the president's third time to be the keynote speaker at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention, this year held in downtown Austin.

Texas Democratic leaders whined that seven visits to Texas last year means his campaign is "clearly terrified of losing Texas.” They called the visit a political move to appease farmers’ worries about the trade war with China.

RNC Deputy Press Secretary Michael Joyce said hundreds of thousands of new jobs that come from the USMCA trade deal, which is pivotal to a border state like Texas.

"The president's not taking anything for granted in Texas. He understands the changing dynamics in the state," said Joyce. "As we all know, if we lose the state of Texas, there is no path to the White House for a Republican ever again."

Andy Hogue with Travis County GOP said it's not fear, this is a legitimate event.

"There is no path forward to the White House without winning Texas anymore. Now, the demographics are shifting that much to where the Democrats are absolutely staking out their hopes in Texas," said Hogue.

Austin has deep pockets for political candidates. So much so that he said ATX is becoming known as ATM.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s campaign opened an Austin office last month and has more than two dozen full-time staffers and organizers across the state.

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