There's more support for a 'wealth tax' then you probably realize

Democrats like Elizabeth Warren keep talking about taxing the very rich. You might be surprised to find out how many people may actually agree with her.

According to new polling 64% either strongly or somewhat agree that the very rich should be taxed. We asked Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis exactly what very rich is. His answer; it depends.

"People that are working class might think that people that make over $100K. People in the middle class might think anyone making more than $500K is rich," Lewis said.

But Democrats like Warren keep campaigning against the very rich, which is exactly what they are. So why campaign against the very thing that you actually represent?

"Maybe it's self preservation. So they try to identify with the base, and maybe that base doesn't know exactly how rich they are, even though it is a matter of public record," Lewis explained.

According to Forbes, Warren is worth $12 million; Sanders $2.5 million. Forbes put the net worth of Pete Buttigieg at $100K when they compiled the numbers last August.

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