Is trying to save the life of a few worth the privacy of many?

U.S. Attorney General William Barr is urging Apple to unlock two iPhones used by the gunman in a deadly shooting last month at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida.

America's Cybersecurity Think Tank's Parham Eftekhari said cybersecurity and national security officials are discussing whether to help the tech giant...or not.

"On one hand, of course as much as possible, any company, any organization should support law enforcement, on the other hand, we have to consider what are the long term technical implication of doing what the government's asking," said Eftekhari.

He said if we're already have trouble securing technology, giving away more encryption keys will only create more privacy risks.

"Is it worth exposing millions and millions and millions of Americans to potential privacy breaches to get information on just one individual? I think that's the question that law makers and policy makers are working through right now," said Eftekhari.

He said vulnerabilities exist in all technologies, as they're currently capable of being breached or hacked.

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