New York Democrats Push State Motor-Voter Bill to Register Illegals to Vote

New York state Democrats are moving forward with a "motor-voter" bill that would automatically register anyone who applies for a driver's license to vote -- including illegal aliens.

It would however, allow non-citizens to opt-out if they choose.

One might ask how this is even possible. Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, says federal law allows state and local municipalities to establish their own driver's license rules.

“Thirteen states allow illegal aliens to receive driver's licenses, so there's an opening for those illegal aliens to be registered to vote,” she says.

Vaughan says Texas already has taken steps against it, starting with a ban on any non-citizens obtaining a driver's license.

“They also have provisions to make sure than anyone trying to register to vote or shows up to vote may be subject to questioning about their eligibility.”

More blue states are expected to follow New York in trying to register illegals ahead of the presidential election. But Vaughan argues that invites all sorts of problems.

“People who try to manipulate an election know there are ineligible voters and will try to turn out others on behalf of the ineligible voters,” she says. “We've seen this happen in Massachusetts and a number of other states.”

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