Fitness Tracker Part of Your New Year Resolution?

With losing weight and becoming healthier being the top American New Year Resolutions, it's understandable that 1 in 5 of us wears a fitness tracking device like a fit bit or a smart watch. Jenny Dean of JennyDeanFitness encourages her clients to wear one. Dean says she encourages her clients to wear them.“Fitness Trackers are great reminders! We all get crazy busy with our schedules and something on your wrist reminding you of what you need to do to stay on your fitness track is a great thing to have.” Then fit bit and smart watch wearers are healthier than the other 80%, right? Dean answers, "No, I wouldn’t say 'healthier.' I would say 'maybe more motivated than those who don’t.'"

"I think a Fit Bit is a great reminder to stay focused on our fitness goals. Some of them even have a vibrator that tells us to stand up --- that we have been sitting too long.” Dean says it's easy to get off track of your fitness program with constant multi-tasking and some wearable technology can help you along the way.


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