Dems trying to stop president and private sector from building border wall

Building of a privately funded border wall resumes after a judge threw out a temporary restraining order that stopped construction for the last part of last year.

We Build The Wall president Brian Kolfage said the National Butterfly Center and International Boundary and Water Commission filed a lawsuit against him and their contractor.

"They claimed that we were going to cause flooding and Tommy Fisher's wall was going to fall down in a hurricane and cause damage to land owners and kill butterflies and a bunch of stuff that was completely false, and in court, ultimately, they couldn't prove it," said Kolfage.

Fisher Industries construction crews got back to work this week on three and a half miles along the banks of the Rio Grande south of Mission.

"Tommy Fisher putting up a wall right now and it will take eight days to complete an entire three and a half miles," said Kolfage.

He said you can watch the live stream of the wall being built.

Kolfage added people are still donating to the go fund me account which is up to $26 million and counting.

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