Amendment to FOPA Protects Gun Owners Who Travel Between States

A group of Republican senators are introducing protections for gun owners who cross state lines from gun-friendly states to states that are less-gun friendly.

The legislation Montana's Steve Daines would ensure law-abiding gun owners are not arrested for violating local laws when traveling state-to-state.

“Say they're traveling through New Jersey and they stop for gas or for lunch, they're technically breaking the law. This amendment would change that as long as the gun remained unloaded and secured,” says Dan Zimmerman of The Truth About Guns.

Unlike the Firearms Owners' Protection Act, Zimmerman does not expect bi-partisan support for this.

“Some of them are going to demagogue the issue and call it a form of national reciprocity, which it really isn't,” he says. “It's not saying you can carry a gun into New York state from Pennsylvania and then carry it around. Its just saying if you're traveling, you can stop for gas or stop for lunch and not worry about ending up in jail.”

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