Were Democrats rooting against America in Iran crisis?

If you've watched cable news cover the situation that has been unfolding with Iran, you might be troubled by the way Democrats are treating the situation.

During an interview with Fox Business, Congressman Doug Collins said it seemed like the Democrats thought Trump was the bad guys and not Qasem Soleimani.

"Nancy Pelosi does it again and her Democrats fall right in line. One, they are in love with terrorists. They mourn Soleimani more than they mourn our Gold Star families who are the ones who suffered under Soleimani," Collins said.

American Thinker columnist William Gensert told KTRH he agreed with Collins, and took it a step further.

"They made it very obvious that what they were looking for was for Iran to strike back with enough force to shed American blood," Gensert said.

He also told KTRH that he thinks Dems wanted Americans to lose their lives, which is not how Republicans treated all of the Obama era airstrikes.

"Obama droned everybody. Nobody said anything, because Republicans are not going to go against this country.

Obama used drone attacks hundreds of times, including one designed to kill Moammar Gaddafi, then the leader of Libya.

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