Does MSNBC like Iran more than it likes President Trump?

The national media's irrational hatred of President Trump is so extreme it appears they're siding with Iran in this latest conflict; sympathizing over the death of a terrorist leader.

Media critic Professor Jeff McCall at DePauw University says they're choosing their biased agenda over good journalism.

"Going in with the predisposition that Trump is a problem to start with and so we've got to cover this from the standpoint that there's chaos in the White House and that we're heading into the next war."

Professor McCall says this makes following the news challenging.

"They (viewers) don't know which part of the news coverage, quote-unquote, is supposed to be fact-based or unbiased versus what is clearly being pushed by an agenda or predisposition."

Professor McCall says CNN and MSNBC should use reporters who are distanced from the Trump hatred, but what are the chances of that? Apparently, they get higher ratings when they bash President Trump -- and they aim to please.

"It's very hard for the media to do measured and balanced news coverage when it seems like they have some predispositions and agendas that they want to push."

Professor McCall says he wishes the national media would tone down its Trump hatred and focus on just reporting facts. But that may be a tall order, given that they haven't done that yet during the Trump Presidency.

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