Do Democrats have a hidden strategy by holding Articles of Impeachment?

Impeachment is in limbo because Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Some think the Democrats are crazy. Some think they are crazy like a fox.

The left knows the Senate won't remove Trump, but John Droz with the American Thinker thinks Democrats have something else they are trying for by holding it up.

"They are trying to tie up the White House into doing stuff that's not productive. They don't want the Republicans and Trump to get further accomplishments," Droz explained.

Because any Trump wins are bad for Democrats chances in 2020. Droz also says the President should not focus on rhetoric.

"It's a mistake to get down in the trenches with some of these people. It just gives their claims some credibility and comes across as being un-Presidential," Droz stated.

Not every Democrat is on board with Pelosi's strategy. Some, like Doug Jones of Alabama, have come out publicly and said that the delay is doing them no good.

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