Black Support for Trump Growing

Black support for President Donald Trump hit an all-time high in December, further proof of an ongoing "Blexit" or “awakening” of African-Americans leaving the Democratic Party.

Zogby Analytics last month reported that black support for Trump was 27 percent. When it comes to head-to-head matchups against 2020 Democrats, Trump is scoring much higher among voters of color than he did in 2016.

“The votes of blacks and multi-generational Hispanics and Latinos has been taken for granted by the Democratic Party, and I believe their mentality is they own those votes,” says Claver Kamau-Imani, Republican candidate for Texas House District 138 in West Houston.

“All the issues that matter to the communities of color: education, health care, second amendment rights, the welfare state versus free enterprise system, are positions that help the black community the most,” he says. “And I believe more blacks are seeing it.”

Kamau-Imani says communities of color are ready to vote for Trump, but the GOP still has to make a better effort to reach out to them.

“Donald Trump won Jefferson County, Texas. That's a county that's nearly 30 percent black, if not over 30 percent black,” he says. “He won Nueces County, which is Corpus Christi. He in the primary, won several border counties.”