American birth rates decline while 'anchor baby' birth rates rise

When you look at population trends, there are two that are disturbing.

Forty-two states including Texas have declining birth rates. Bob Price with Breitbart tells KTRH this has been going on for decades.

"Almost two whole generations have seen a lower birth rate than replacement rate, which is the rate needed to sustain the population," Price explained.

While that is happening, there were more anchor babies born last year than U.S. births in 48 states. Price explains why we are seeing this.

"It's the combination of illegal aliens that are coming into the country, and the tourist business that has been created to gain citizenship and a toehold into the immigration system," Price said.

The two states that had more US births than anchor baby births were Texas and California. President Trump in has reviewed signing an executive order to end birthright citizenship, but has not done so as of yet.

"That would probably be one of the most divisive pieces of legislation that could be put forward, and with everything that's going on I am not surprised the President hasn't addressed it, but it needs to be addressed," Price stated.

American birth rate falls for fourth straight year.

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