We can see clearly now; 2020's economic outlook is good

If you're hoping a bad economy will defeat President Trump in November, experts say that's doubtful.

Bankrate.com's Greg McBride says 2020 looks pretty good.

"The economic expansion seems set up to continue, albeit at a modest pace of about two percent annual growth."

McBride says he expects the Fed to leave interest rates alone.

"Unless the economy takes a verifiable stumble the Fed is unlikely to cut interest rates further; they cut interest rates three times in 2019 and they seem comfortable with where the economy is right now."

McBride says if you're considering a home loan, go for it. He says the economic expansion will continue.

"Mortgage rates are not going to be an impediment to a well-qualified borrower this year; I think for home buyers the primary issues they're going to confront are still going to be affordability or how many homes are available in their price range. Mortgage rates are not going to be an impediment."

McBride says he expects a strong housing market and modest GDP growth of two percent.

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