Prescription drug costs just went up in price on New Year's Day

If you have a prescription to either fill or re-fill this week, prepare for some serious sticker shock.

Companies like Pfizer just raised prices last week on more than 50 drugs including some medications to fight cancer. Dr. Katie Jarvis says Big Pharma is trying to justify this.

"Big Pharma promised to to raise their prices by more than 10% across the board this year because of the campaign. But, 10% is a lot," Jarvis said.

In total, you're looking at more than 200 drugs with prices that went up on January first, and Jarvis says apps like Good RX might help with your bottom line

"That will help you target which pharmacy to go to to get less expensive medication," Jarvis explained. "It fixes the consumer's part of the problem, which is finding the pharmacy."

And the 10% increase is only part of the problem; 'combination' drugs have gone up by as much as 1,600%. So, expect this to be a key issue in the election.

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