Going to Kansas City to watch the Texans won't be cheap if you decide to go

If you're a Texans fan, you might very well be thinking about taking a trip to Kansas City to watch the Texans play the Chiefs in Sunday's AFC Divisional Playoff game. And if that's the case, be prepared to spend some big bucks.

It's not the cost of game tickets that will give you sticker shock. According to Seat Geek, you can find tickets as low as $70, but the average price is $143 per ticket. Sheila Benoit at Woodlake Travel tells KTRH the airfare will be pricey. That is, if you can find a seat on an airline like Southwest.

"Literally one seat on certain flights, going for about $900 round trip. Looking at United; probably $800 was the minimum, but those seats may already be taken," Benoit explained.

And then there is hotel. Plenty of rooms are available. But depending on where you stay, and how nice of a hotel you want to stay at, you could pay through the nose.

"I would say your nightly rate before taxes could be as low as $150, and could go higher than $300," Benoit said.

So, if you pay $143 for tickets, $900 for your flight, and $300 for your hotel for two nights, then you could spend about $1,700 on this trip, and we haven't even talked about meals or concessions at the game.

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