Baby Tinslee Lewis wins emergency relief

For the time being, a Fort Worth hospital cannot pull the plug on an 11-month-old girl while her appeal is pending, which buys the family more time to find other doctors.

The Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth ruled last week.

Trinity Lewis, the mother of Baby Tinslee, and pro-life groups are hurriedly looking for a physician who will let family take Tinslee home with life-saving equipment.

“The number of surgeons who have told us, ‘this case is not a hopeless case. There are viable medical options that are reasonable for Baby Tinslee,” said Hannah Mehta with Texas Fragile Children. “In order for those to be options down the road there are some things medically, like a tracheotomy, that would be necessary for Baby Tinslee to reach that point.”

Tinslee’s mom says her daughter watches Puppy Dog Pals and gets agitated when it's turned off. She also enjoys getting her nails painted.

The date of the appeal is not yet set.

The more time the baby has, the more of a chance for lawmakers to consider a Special Session the constitutionality of the deadly 10-Day Rule.

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