An annual high-tech toy show gets underway tomorrow in Sin City

The annual Consumer Electronics Show opens tomorrow in Las Vegas. 8k TVs, self-driving cars and drones are among the expected highlights, along with health care.

Tech Guru Peter Shankman says he's interested in things that allow a virtual presence.

"This year we're going to see a lot more AR and VR; I think we're going to see a lot in holographics. I'm looking forward to holographic images where maybe I won't have to get on a plane every day to go to a meeting."

Shankman says new workout devices will be a big deal.

"Companies like Peloton, for instance, they're supposed to be unveiling a rowing machine, the trifecta, as it were, of the treadmill and the bike."

Is it an insult to get your spouse an expensive rowing machine? Shankman says a lot of the stuff at ces will be about creating what used to be an outdoor experience in the comfort of your home.

"A lot of things that allow us to do the things that we used to go out to do that we can now do at home with other people. So, you can take those classes with other people, but from your home. The premise is not having to go out and face the world, while still facing the world."

Shankman says augmented and virtual reality will be used for more than just video games; he says virtual health care will take center stage. Shankman says exercise devices, drones and yes, self-driving cars will also be featured.

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