Turner promises more street work in second term as Houston Mayor

Following his win over challenger Tony Buzbee during a runoff last month, Mayor Sylvester Turner was sworn in for his second term earlier this morning.

During his speech, Turner talked about some of the progress he made during his first term when it came to fixing the many potholes in Houston's streets.

"Public Works has filled more than 250,000 potholes. But in many cases it's not just about potholes. The streets are in bad condition," Turner said, adding that he intends to take more steps towards fixing the problem.

"I have instructed Public Works to present to me within sixty days a systematic plan that identifies those streets that need to be seriously rehabilitated, a potential funding source, and an estimated timeline for work to commence," Turner explained.

Turner's first term was controversial. He has feuded with the Houston Fire Department over pay raises that voters approved. Those raises were never implemented as Prop B went to court, where it was declared unconstitutional. Turner has also gone back and forth with the state of Texas over money earmarked for flooding after Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

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