President Trump has delivered on promises, but still has a to-do list

Even though President Trump has delivered on many of the promises he made back in 2016, there are still some promises that are 'works in progress.'

Health care reform didn't happen because some Republicans (the late John McCain) voted against it. Gary Polland of the Conservative Review says the border wall is something that he's watching, too.

"That's an in-progress promise. They have built some additions to the wall, but the Democrats have done all that they can to obstruct the President's ability to do that," Polland explained.

And that's the case even though Republicans controlled Congress for the first two years of the Trump Presidency. That said, Polland thinks there's only one thing the Democrats can promise you.

"The only promise they think they have to make is that they are not President Trump, and that they don't like the style of how he does things. That's what they are going to be down to," Polland said, adding that it's because Trump has kept his word on so many of the promises he made in 2016.

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