Census Estimates Show Big Gains for Republicans

Pre-Census estimates spell doom for Democrats, and has reinvigorated debate over the Electoral College.

While red states like Texas, Florida and Arizona are expected to pick up anywhere from one to three seats in Congress, places like California, New York and Illinois will lose representation.

“This is looking to benefit Republicans only because of how the landscape has changed,” says Jenna Ellis, senior legal analyst for the Trump 2020 campaign.

Ellis says this is why Democrats fought President Trump on the citizenship question.

“They’re not interested in laws.They’re not interested in sound reasoning or fair and accurate representation of every American,” she says.“They are only interested in concentrating their own political power by any means necessary.”

One potential loss for Democrats could be Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s House district in New York.The self-described socialist has long argued against the Electoral College.

“The founding fathers very wisely embedded a caution in making sure we have representation, through the Electoral College, from the entire United States of America.And that it wasn’t a pure, strict Democracy.It wasn’t just a popular vote,” says Ellis.