2020 will be less about legislation and more about rhetoric in Washington

If you thought Congress was doing more talking and less working last year, just wait until this year unfolds.

Because it looks like 2020 is going to be a repeat of last year. More rhetoric. More flame throwing. Less actual legislating. And Robin Armstrong with the RNC says that means the work of the people won't be getting done.

"There has just been mayhem in Washington, DC for the last three years, and this year will probably be much worse than that," Armstrong said, alluding to the impeachment trial .

And Armstrong says that's too bad. Because there are things the two sides could actually work on together.

"There are infrastructure bills that the President has talked about since he was a candidate," Armstrong stated, adding that those would help cities controlled politically by Democrats.

Another issue that could be settled is the USMCA, which was finally passed by the House last month, and now heads to the Senate.

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