How would FISA abuse report help Republicans, Trump in impeachment?

We are about a week away from the release of the Inspector General's report detailing FISA abuse and surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016. How will that help Republicans and the President during the impeachment inquiry?

This comes as the Democrats move closer and closer to drawing up actual articles of impeachment. Republican strategist Luke Macias tells KTRH the I-G report might help Republicans even the playing field.

"Democrats will not be ruling the narrative. The entire process has been a one-sided prosecution," Macias explained.

And if that report is favorable to the President, Macias says he will hammer that message hard.

"It will just give him more ammunition to keep firing that message off to the American people. And I think the American people will pause for a second," Macias said, adding that they will have to decide whether they want to keep the Deep State in power when they vote in 2020.

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