Will Democrats try to bail out of impeachment?

While some Democrats are dug in when it comes to impeachment, it appears as if there are others that may be looking for a way out.

That's what former House Speaker Newt Gingrich claimed on Fox News, and he said you can thank Adam Schiff.

"The person who hung them out to dry is Adam Schiff," he said. "I think Schiff was so dishonest, so blatantly arrogant, so patently unfair that he turned — that he personally turned the tide. And if you look, for example, among independents, there's been a huge swing from the independents saying 'yeah, maybe we should impeach' to independents increasingly saying 'no, we shouldn’t.'"

"It was a Michigan Democrat yesterday who has switched her position and said, 'you know, maybe we don’t need to impeach,'" Gingrich added. "'Maybe we can just vote censure.' I think more and more Democrats are going to come back."

That Democrat, Brenda Lawrence, took those comments back. But the theory is still out there, and Republican strategist Jessica Colon agrees.

"Independents are starting to lose interest, and Democrats are starting to lose independent support for impeachment," Colon stated.

Colon says Democrats made a mistake; that the country never had an appetite for this.

"The concept of impeachment was not popular going into this. For quite some time Pelosi and other high ranking Democrats pushed off impeachment," Colon explained, adding that that Democrats could also abandon ship because they want to keep their cushy jobs in Congress after 2020.

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