Mattress Mack hosts annual free Thanksgiving Day feast

For more than 25 years, "Mattress Mack" has hosted a free Thanksgiving Day feast at the Gallery Furniture store on the North Freeway.

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale said there will be a lot of food and a lot of fellowship and everybody gets along.

"They don't talk about politics, they talk about being thankful for this great country, that's why people come in here, they love the freedom, they love the free enterprise system," said McIngvale.

He said politics won't be a topic tomorrow, but the Astros and the flooding after Imelda might be brought up.

"People in Houston and people in Texas are very resilient and Thanksgiving is a day where we get together and we thank God for our resilience and our ability to get knocked down and get back up 100 different times and get back in the game," said McIngvale.

He said be sure to bring your appetite, friends and family.

If you want to volunteer, opportunities are still available for 30 minutes or stay the entire day. Volunteers can pitch in for set up an hour before the event. They also need volunteers to tear down and clean up until four pm.

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