Texas political candidates look at the state with purple colored glasses

Texas has long had the reputation of being a deep red state. But don't tell that to anyone running for office up and down the ballot next year.

If you listen to candidates for office, Ross Ramsey with the Texas Tribune says everyone seems to be running as if Texas is purple.

"Republicans used to run as if their only constituency was Republican voters. That pulled them to the right. We are now seeing them talk to Democrats," Ramsey explained.

Ramsey says that's because some 2018 races like the Senate race were too close for comfort. But Ramsey says the Democrats look at 2020 differently.

"They are looking at this and saying that when turnouts get bigger, they tend to be a lot less red, and that if they can get more people to show up to the polls it will be a more Democratic state," Ramsey said.

And that's also why you haven't heard Texas Democrats moderate their platform to try and reach Republicans the way Republicans have tried to reach out to Democrats.

"You would think they would run to the middle. But in 2018, a lot of the Democrats who won in Republican districts were really progressive," Ramsey stated.

No Texas Democrat has won a statewide race since 1994.

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