Some parents go to extremes to pay for college

We all know college costs more than an arm and a leg. You would not believe what some parents are doing in order to afford college for their kids.

And it's not just what you hear on TV with the college admissions scandal. Eddy Conroy with the Hope Center at Temple University tells KTRH that in isolated cases, parents to go to other extremes.

"There are the drastic things you hear of people planning to get divorced or having their children emancipate themselves as minors," Conroy said.

Conroy says if you have a teenager getting ready to go to college, you have to be practical.

"Be realistic about helping guide your student as to what you can afford as a family. There are lots of really great public institutions," Conroy explained, adding that you could also choose to go to a two-year community school before transferring.

The Hope Center is working with six Texas schools including San Jacinto Community College to better communicate what students might actually expect to pay for their education.

College Costs

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