What Happened When Students Gave Up Their Phones for a Week

A professor at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York offers a course called “Life Unplugged,” and to demonstrate the power of the addictive nature of today’s technology requires students to go seven days without their cell phone.

Oh, the agony of it all.

The students struggle at first, reporting a tension and unease at the unfamiliarity of it all. Many didn’t own an alarm clock. To get to class on time they had to refer to wrist watches. And found themselves sticking to familiar routes without Google Maps. There was no social media.

KTRH News asked Houstonians how they felt about giving up their cell phones for a week, and found a mixed response, the alarm and maps among the most needed resources. Many parents were especially troubled by the thought of not being in touch with their children and schools with the immediacy they’ve come to expect.

The students in the class found at the end of the week that they were refreshed and relaxed. They were able to sleep better. The ability to focus on homework came easier. They were more productive. The most amazing thing they discovered…conversation. Face to face.

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