Survey: Majority of Texas County Election Websites Not Secure

A recent survey on election website security, found just 20-percent of Texas counties are following best practices laid out by the state and federal government.

The League of Women Voters of Texas looked at the election websites of all 254 counties, 201 of them have a website labeled “not secure.”

“If a URL or website has 'https' at the beginning, that 's' is for 'secure,'” says Grace Chimene, president of LWVT, who adds that failing to follow this simple step exposes county elections to all sorts of problems.

“Groups that want to pretend to be your website can easily put out wrong dates, wrong times, wrong places.”

Chimene says best practices also suggest using '.gov' for their website, and counties are not doing that. “It gives people the confidence they need to know that it's not just some made up organization.”

The League also rated how easy voters can find the information they're looking for.

Fort Bend and Montgomery Counties have what the League considers "outstanding" websites. Harris County ranked high as well.



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