Poll: Too many parents help adult kids out with money

If you're helping your adult child out financially, more than half of the country thinks you're doing it wrong.

According to the Pew Research Center, 55% of you think that parents are doing too much if they help their adult children with money. Gabrielle Bosche with the Millennial Solution says that's why millennials can't adult.

"Blaming them for why they come into the work force expecting raises every six months, a hug at work, an emotional support animal, or whatever it is that millennials are looking for," Bosche said.

And Bosche says the other problem is that the embarrassment that came with taking that help from parents is gone.

"The stigma attached to even living it home is gone. It used to be that living at home with your parents was a deal breaker for singles. Now it's not," Bosche explained.

In fact, 65% of millennials told the poll that the amount of help they get from their parents is just right.

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