Go cold turkey on talking politics at Thanksgiving to keep the peace

In a deeply polarized society, any talk of politics—especially if not everyone has the same political affiliation—can get ugly fast.

Licensed Professional Counselor Leigh Richardson said people should take a holiday from politics on Thanksgiving.

"It's probably best to go cold turkey on the politics this year," says licensed professional counselor Leigh Richardson. "People have become so emotionally invested in their position, one comment can lead to a WWE SmackDown." 

She said be prepared the day of.

"Bring a conversation starter and the only thing that's not allowed is politics and religion," said Richardson.

She said Thanksgiving hosts should give advance notice that politics and religion will not be talking points of the day.

"Bring something that you'd like to have conversation around and everybody gets an opportunity to lead a conversation," said Richardson.

She said set boundaries at the beginning of the day and stick to them.

"At the beginning of the day you say, 'You know, I'm so thankful that we're all here together and I'm so thankful that we're not going to discuss politics or religion today'," said Richardson.

She said Thanksgiving is not to argue, but to have peace and happiness. She added Thanksgiving doesn't have to be one day a year, you can gather with family and be grateful as often as possible.

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