Trump Victory to host “Stop the Madness!” campaign in Austin

This afternoon in Austin, Trump Victory will host an anti-impeachment counter protest campaign event called “Stop the Madness!” This event is part of a nationwide effort to hold Democrats accountable for their extreme actions and politically motivated behavior.

Recently, the RNC debuted a new website,, which will operate as a one-stop clearing house to defend the president-- including opportunities for people to sign up as a volunteer, details on how to show up to a counter protest, and more.A $10.3 million TV and digital buy is also part of the nationwide push against 60+ vulnerable Democrats who campaigned on reaching across the aisle to work with President Trump.

For the past two months, Trump Victory has been holding rallies across the country to put Democrats on notice.

"They obviously know they can't beat the president at the ballot box, so they're continuing with this ridiculous witch hunt, instead of working on issues that matter to Texans, like securing our borders, passing critical defense spending and passing the USMCA," said Christiana Purves with Trump Victory. "We are out there reminding them they need to get back to work. Texans want them working for them. Instead they're focused on this witch hunt."

The President will be in Austin today to tour the MacBook Pro manufacturing facility and meet with the Apple CEO.


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