Women voters are asked issues they’d like Congress to tackle

Congress seems to be out of touch with issues that are important to suburban women, which could be a key deciding demographic in the next election.

Women2Women Conversations Tour sat down with hundreds of suburban women in different cities across the country.

Republican Main Street Partnership CEO Sarah Chamberlain and Women2Women Conversations Tour founder said Austin was different from every other city.

"It was the first place that cost of childcare came up," said Chamberlain. "Austin is very expensive with childcare and they referenced it to it's almost as expensive to put your child in childcare as it is to put them in college."

She said they learned what were women's biggest issues they face today .

"The biggest issues we've got are healthcare," said Chamberlain. "Equal pay is the second huge issue."

National response:

  • Healthcare is the leading most important issue at 32%
  • Followed by Education at 18%
  • Jobs and the Economy at 15%
  • Political Dysfunction at 11%

Chamberland said the group plans to take the results back to Congress for them to consider passing legislation.

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