What is motivating the Deep State's 'War on Trump?'

As the impeachment effort against President Trump continues, there are those wondering what is motivating the Deep State to take him down.

There is a theory; Ii's not just that they dislike the President. Brandon Morse with Red State says that there's something else motivating them; fear.

"I know for a fact there is a lot to hide if you're a Democrat. There is a lot of corruption that took place during the Obama era. If Trump wins next year, it's all up for grabs," Morse explained.

Because if Trump wins a second term in the White House, Morse says the left is afraid that Republicans will do to them what they've done to Trump, and that is by putting everything they've done under the microscope.

"If that happens, it's free reigns. They don't want that. They are very afraid of that," Morse stated.

Morse adds that they also resent the President for being an outsider and changing the status quo in Washington.

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