Feds to Investigate Google Over Health Data Collection

A federal investigation is targeting Google's "Project Nightingale" health information collection program.

Google recently partnered with Ascension health care, giving it access to millions of people's medical information so it can provide better insight and suggestions for treating patients.

The move comes two weeks after Google bought Fitbit, which tracks users' heart beat, steps and other information through its wearable device.

“They use those data to build models of all of us to make better and better predictions about what we need, what we want, what we do,” says Dr. Robert Epstein, a Harvard professor who has been tracking Google algorithms.

He calls it the next step in creating personal profiles on upwards of billions of people worldwide.

“Google actually several years ago moved into the DNA space, and they've been adding DNA information to our profile as well,” he says.

You can read Epstein's findings at MyGoogleResearch.com.

Congress so far has no answer to how far Epstein says the tech giants are willing to go, citing Google's move to install tiny microphones inside it's Nest thermostats.

“Google has recently had patents issued on how to interpret sound inside a home to determine whether your kids are brushing their teeth enough, how good your sex life is, whether there's too much arguing going on,” says Epstein.

“All of that of course can be monetized, can be shared and can be used for manipulation and control.”

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