Border county medical examiners at capacity with illegals’ bodies

A border county medical examiner’s office is "in dire need of space" as bodies of illegal immigrants are "tripled on each table” after dying while or shortly after crossing the river from Mexico.

The burden of having to identify migrants who die while crossing from Mexico into the United States has fallen on Texas medical examiners.

This calendar year, 155 illegal immigrants have died trying to get or stay in the US.

Webb County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Corinne Stern told Breitbart News in the past most deaths she handled were from natural causes.

"Now, over 50 percent of my time is spent in recovering and diagnosing and identifying those border crossers," said Stern.

She told Breitbart News she has seen more deaths this year, than in her 13 years working there.

"It takes up more than 50 percent of my time and my office staff's time. It defines our practice down here," said Stern.

She said illegals die from drowning, rattlesnake bites, in the colder temperatures hypothermia and in hotter weather hyperthermia.

Stern, a forensic pathologist, covers 12 counties across the Texas-Mexico border.

Visit here to listen to Breitbart's full interview with Dr. Stern.

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