At Rice University, Pompeo defends Trump Syria decision

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Houston this morning to talk about foreign policy.

During his remarks at Rice University, Pompeo hit on the decision by President Trump to withdraw troops from Syria. Pompeo says that call was the right one. Our job was done there.

"We provided the air power. That was a significant element of the success that was had. America should be proud of what we achieved there," Pompeo said, referring to defeating ISIS.

Pompeo says that despite the withdrawal, if circumstances required it, America would be safe without those troops in Northern Syria.

"We've got big forces in Iraq. We still have significant forces in Syria. I am confident that President Trump's admonition to us remains," Pompeo stated.

Pompeo says Trump told Pompeo and his staff back when he was CIA Director that anything he needed to keep America safe he would get, as long as he kept the country secure.

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