The White House could start livestreaming border wall construction in 2020

Jared Kushner and other senior Trump administration officials want to livestream the border wall construction progress next year.

Reportedly, the Army Corps of Engineers and Customs and Border Protection are against livestreaming construction of the border wall.

"Transparency in government projects is always a good idea, unless something is super secretly classified or defense secrets and intelligence secrets that need to be kept secret for obvious reasons," said Jessica Vaughn with Center for Immigration Studies.

She said they might get resistance from career border patrol, upper management, even construction companies because they don't want their "proprietary" construction techniques videotaped.

"I think it sounds like they're not used to having this kind of tight oversight and somebody looking over their shoulder who knows about construction projects, which the president certainly does," said Vaughn.

She hopes debate over livestreaming won't distract the public from other issues like boosting interior enforcement and dealing with sanctuary cities.

She added the cartels are watching the border wall project very closely for any vulnerabilities or where to tunnel underneath.

The article reported:

Of the 166 miles of new barriers the administration intends to build in Texas, all but four miles will be built on private land. The rest will have to be purchased or seized by the government. But the government has yet to contact dozens of landowners to begin the preliminary work of seeking access to their property to start surveying.


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