Poll finds teens don’t think a college degree is necessary to be successful

When polled by the Associated Press, teens reported a high school diploma will be all they need to be successful.

David Dillard with KD College Prep said this tells him, adults haven't fully sent the message to children that education is important.

He said back in the day, it was common to graduate from high school and get a job that could sustain them for life.

"But, as life has become more complicated, as the information age has taken over, that has become more difficult. Society is requiring a more educated population," said Dillard.

He said community college can be beneficial to those who are looking to start vocations right after high school.

"If you want to be a plumber, if you want to be a welder, any profession, if you have the education to go along with it, then you're more likely to be able to be successful, run a successful business, add value to organizations that you're a part of," said Dillard.

The U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics found college-educated workers' wages have increased, those with only a high school education have decreased during the past two decades. Also, workers with college degrees earn significantly more than those without; they also emphasize how lower education levels tend to correspond with higher unemployment rates.

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