Seattle ISD want teachers to acknowledge Islamic beliefs and practices

It's only a matter of time that some liberal school district in Texas will be endorsing Islam and asking teachers to bless students in Arabic, like a school district in Seattle is doing.

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund claims that Muslim students are getting preferential treatment to adjust testing dates to accommodate Islamic holidays.

The Eagle Forum VP Cathie Adams said this is a wrong direction for America.

"This is a very wrong direction for America. We do not want to be splitting our schools into different segments according to religious things when we have ousted Judeo-Christian from our culture all together and certainly from a public school," said Adams.

She said teachers have their hands full trying to impart factual knowledge.

"Christianity and Judaism are being subjected to Islam. This is the wrong direction for this country to go in," said Adams.

She said the worst part is teaching anti-Semitic doctrine since America’s founding fathers were and the foundation of the country was Judeo-Christian.

The Seattle teachers will also need to monitor a student’s fasting habits.

Covered Muslim child

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