Book that holiday travel ASAP before it will cost you

If you haven't booked your holiday travel yet, you will need to do that within the next week because as demand for flights go up, so will the price.

A lot of people are scrambling to decide if they're staying at home or going somewhere for the holidays.

Northcutt Travel Agency owner Shayla Northcutt said some air fares are cheaper, while other more expensive than year's past.

"It doesn't really matter of the weather, again, the factors are who all is going at the same time that you are and flying from the same city you are," said Northcutt.

She said the grounding of the 737 Max has affected pricing in regards to availability. Cheap air fare depends on seat capacity—supply and demand.

Snow skiing is peak time for holiday travel.

"Your Cancun, your Puerto Vallarta they're still super cheap, really reasonable, even Punta Cana air is very reasonable, and some of your deep Caribbean is very reasonable as well," said Northcutt.

She said flights to Cabo San Lucas have been really expensive, but expects the price to go down in February and March.

Northcutt added it's always better to buy sooner, rather than later.

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