Lots of us have smart speakers and they can be a big security liability

Your smart speaker could be a criminal's best friend. Hackers can now control Echo devices and Google Assistants with laser pointers.

Researchers at the University of Michigan have produced a scary video.

"By shining a laser light through the window at the microphone an attacker can remotely cause the diaphragm to move; this results in electrical signals representing the attacker's commands, which are then acted upon by Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri."

You may as well just leave your doors open.

"The attacker can control smart home switches, make online purchases, open smart garage doors, remotely unlock and start certain vehicles or open smart locks by brute forcing the user's pin number."

Once in control of a voice assistant, the sky's the limit for a crook. They're working on changes to those microphones, but until then, keep your smart speakers away from windows!

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