Could the 2020 election be in danger of suffering a 'titanic' disaster?

The 2020 election is a year away, but some are warning about an oncoming 'titanic' disaster.

That disaster would be a repeat of 2016 with fake news. Recent research showed its been viewed online 158 million times this year. Kami Huyse at Zoetica Media says she has looked at the problem, and it's us.

"It's called confirmation bias, and we all have it," Huyse said. "We have to be very careful about the information we spread."

Huyse thinks big tech should be a bigger part of the solution.

"They have to educate their users and have good bot detection. That's another problem, because a lot of the attacks that come from other countries come from bots," Huyse stated.

Given the research, this isn't happening. That said, Huyse doesn't think you'll ever get rid of fake news completely.

Fake Newspaper on Kitchen Table

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