Would Trump win re-election in a landslide if he were less 'Trumpy?'

Things are going so well under President Trump that some wonder what would happen in 2020 if we took the 'Trumpiness' factor out of the equation.

You have more money in your pocket under this President. He's delivered a strong economy. But, he new talking point is that if he were less 'Trumpy,' he would win big next year. Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review agrees.

"On this issues, President Trump is mostly lined up with where the American people are," Polland stated.

He also says we actually have seen Trump with a little less Trumpiness before, and it might have helped him in 2016.

"If you looked at the last four weeks of the campaign, he was laser like focused on his agenda. He ratcheted down his attacks on others," Polland explained.

Which is why you keep hearing 'if only he acted more Presidential.'

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