Some universities want to get rid of SATs/ACTs for college admission

A reported number of colleges are dropping their SAT/ACT admissions requirement because standardized tests are elitist and racist.

College Prep Genius CEO and founder Jean Burk said it's absolutely ridiculous to get rid of ACTs and SATs because GPAs don't mean the same thing at every high school.

"SATs are the exact same test that every student takes regardless of what school you go to, what city you live in," said Burk.

She said college admission tests level the playing field because students might look the same on paper, but aren't.

"If you look the same on paper, you need some common denominator that's the same for all applicants and so you have to have some sort of measuring stick that levels the playing fields," said Burk. "They test critical thinking, which is the one thing that we all have in common."

She said standardized college admission tests really have nothing to do with how smart a student is, but how well they can deduce a problem and figure out the formula.

Burk wonders if colleges will now come up with their own standardized tests to go to school there.

She added colleges get their national rankings based on test scores, so there could be a lot of pushback.

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