Most of America agrees with Trump on 'America First'

For all of the haters and critics, most of America actually agrees with President Trump on something.

Seven out of ten American adults told the new poll from Selzer and Company and Grinnell College they agree with the President on putting America first. That doesn't surprise Republican strategist Luke Macias.

"People do generally have an America first mindset. It makes sense to the average American," Macias stated.

If that's the case, why don't we hear Democrats put America first? Macias says that's because they've gone too extreme.

"If you're somebody who is going to come out with a more middle ground perspective, you're going to be pushed out of the conversation in the Democratic Party," Macias explained.

And right into voting for President Trump next year, as opposed to someone from the Democratic side with an extreme left/socialist point of view.

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