New survey finds half of workers are stressed out by their commute

Even before getting to work, half of employees reported being stressed out due to the commute, according to a Robert Half study.

Houston drivers have one of the longest commutes, along with D.C. and New York.

Robert Half Regional President Brandi Clark, who is based in Houston, said the average round trip commute is 60 minutes Houston, which is above the national average of about 46 minutes.

"Men and workers ages 25 to 40 have the highest levels of stress about traveling to work," said Clark.

She said bad commutes can negatively impact worker engagement, productivity and retention.

"If you spend an hour and a half on your way to work in stop and go traffic, naturally you're going to walk into the office just ruffled and it's hard to get back into a good state of mind," said Clark.

She said in a current tight job market, commuters might be looking for a job closer to home. Before you quit based on a commute, try to negotiate a flexible schedule or delayed start times with your manager.

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