Economy could be key to President Trump's re-election

Economic forecasts out of Yale University, Oxford Economics Ltd. and Moody’s Analytics Inc. find President Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

For two years now, the liberal media has been reporting steady economic growth, an historically tight labor market and limited inflation as missed expectations.

McGowan Group Asset Management, Inc. President and Senior Portfolio Manager Spencer McGowan said the mainstream media reported a global slowdown with the trade wars, which started nearly two years ago, then last December when the Dow dropped 22,000 points.

"'Looming Recession', we saw that headline, that's a spin, I think, from some on the left that would prefer different leadership," said McGowan.

He said a good economy creates a good momentum for the incumbent.

"If I'm happy and I've got somebody unknown versus I know what's been happening the last three years, this has the mainstream media really scared because it's going to be very hard to unseat somebody," said McGowan.

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